About Us

Hello, welcome to BrushFAQs.com! We are a brand that has recently been developed by some friends and I (A.Y. OLA.). We started this brand to help people who are looking to get every piece of information about scrubbing brushes and get answers to their questions about scrubbing brushes.

Who we are?

BrushFAQs is a brand that aims to provide information about scrubbing brushes, some of which you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. From cleaning tips, to buying guides and product reviews, we try our best to keep you updated with any new developments on the market.

Why should you visit us?

We understand that there are thousands of websites out there providing information about scrubbing brushes but what makes ours different is our friendly tone of voice and the fact that we have tried our best to cover almost every aspect related to scrubbing brushes. If there is anything missing from our site or if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website.

Brand mission

We’re all about Brush and everything cleaning gears. What prompted us to do this is simply our desire to help everyone find the right scrub brush that adds as much value to their cleaning task as possible.


[A.Y. OLA.]