Can you Push Nylon Brush Back and Forth Through Bore?

Can you Push the Nylon Brush Back and Forth Through the Bore?

Before you go out and buy, can you push nylon brush back and forth through bore. You should know what is out there and how to choose the best one for your gun! What is a Bore Gun Cleaning Brush? Bore brushes are a cleaning tool for rifles, pistols, shotguns, and even airsoft guns. They’re becoming more popular because of their ease of use and effectiveness.

Nylon brushes are suitable for firearm cleaning since they are made from high-quality nylon. Nylon contains fine fibers that make it a softer brush than hog bristle, which can damage the barrel’s finish. It is also non-scratching, which makes it an excellent option for use with precision rifles.


Some people hold the belief that they do not design the nylon brush to be pushed through the bore. They designed the nylon brush to be pulled through the bore. If you push it back and forth, it will wear out rapidly and possibly cause damage.

This is not true…

They added that the nylon brush is meant to be used with a cleaning rod in a jag-style attachment. The jag allows the brushes to be pulled through the bore as opposed to pushing them back and forth.

However, here we aren’t talking about the rod in a jag style attachment, rather we are discussing guns bores.

So, Can you Push Nylon Brush Back and Forth Through Bore?

If you are going to be doing a lot of scrubbing, then yes, you can push a nylon brush back and forth through the bore.

The nylon bristles on these brushes are very stiff and will bend when pushed against an obstruction. This allows them to grab hold of the fouling or copper jacket buildup in your bore and scrub it out.

If you are using them to clean your pistol, then I would not recommend pushing it back and forth through the bore. As I stated above, this will only cause more wear in your chamber and barrel. You can also check “Nylon or Brass Brush for Bore,” which is better?

Can Nylon Brush Hurt Barrel?

We used nylon brushes for cleaning rifle barrels and frequently people ask if they can damage the barrel. The answer is that it depends on the type of nylon brush being used (and how much force is being applied).

However, a nylon brush can hurt your barrel if it comes in contact with the rifling.

Nylon brushes are soft and flexible. If you use a nylon brush to clean a barrel, it could cause damage to the rifling by rubbing against the grooves on the inside of the barrel. This can cause rusting and pitting of metal.

So, if you’re using a nylon brush to clean your barrel, then there is no problem as long as you don’t apply too much force when using it. If you want to clean your nylon gun brush, check out our “How to Clean Nylon Gun Brush“.

Are Nylon Bore Brushes Good?

Nylon bore brushes have been around for a long time and have been proven to be an effective cleaning tool. They are used primarily to clean the inside of the barrel of a firearm, but can also be used on other parts of the gun as well.

They make nylon bore brushes from 100% nylon bristles that can be used with any type of solvent or cleaner that you might use in your firearm. Nylon bristles are much softer than steel bristles and will not scratch your barrel.

Many people mistakenly think that nylon bore brushes will not work well in removing copper fouling or lead build-up, but this is not true. The only difference between nylon and steel is that steel bristles will scratch the surface of your barrel while nylon won’t.

The other advantage of using nylon bore brushes is that they don’t leave behind any abrasive material like steel ones do when they wear out after many uses. This means that there is no need to buy new ones every time you clean your rifle or pistol as you would with a steel brush because the nylon ones will last much longer before needing replacement.

Which makes nylon bore brushes the best option for cleaning the interior of your firearm. They’re made from a soft material that won’t scratch the surface of your gun.


I will say it is a big yes. You can safely push a nylon brush back and forth through the bore. The question then becomes, why would you? The reason is that you have packed fouling in the barrel and pulling a bore brush or snake won’t cut it. You will need to use a patch to pack it out and a nylon brush to scrub it loose. This should be done with dry patches until the bore is clean.

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