What Kind of Brush Should I Use to Clean My Shower?

The Best Cleaning Brush To Clean Your Shower

We all know that for deep cleaning the shower, you need a special brush. But what type of brush should you be using on your shower walls, grout, and tub? Hard vs soft bristles. It’s common to confuse hard and soft bristles as one being better than the other. This can make it difficult to decide which brush is right for your next scrubbing project.

The best way to tackle this decision is to first think about the type of cleaning tasks you are going to use your brush for.

Hard Bristles

A stiff bristle brush is ideal for heavy-duty scrubbing. It can take on tough stains and dirt that can’t be easily removed with a sponge or cloth alone. Harder bristle brushes are great for cleaning outdoor surfaces like patio furniture and fences, as well as grills, masonry surfaces, wheels of vehicles, etc.

Soft Bristles

A softer bristle brush will still get the job done, but it won’t put up as much of a fight against tough stains and dirt. It’s a great cleaning tool to have on hand when you want something gentler than a hard bristle brush but more effective than a sponge or cloth. It’s perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces like bathtubs, showers, and tiles surfaces.

The best tool for cleaning tile showers and tubs is a stiff-bristled scrub brush with a long handle. The handle will keep you from having to bend over in the shower. The stiff bristles will help you get into the cracks and corners of your shower or tub more easily than a sponge or toilet bowl brush would.

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Stiff brushes can be hard on your hands, so wear rubber gloves if you need to. Bristles that are too soft may not clean as well as you’d like, but if your hands are sensitive, softer bristles — natural or synthetic — might be easier to use. When using a stiff brush, remember to scrub gently to avoid scratching surfaces.

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You can also use an electric drill with a scrubbing attachment, but be sure to use it gently on all surfaces. There are also some specialty brushes designed specifically for cleaning showers and tubs, featuring metal bristles or even a pumice stone for tough stains. Use caution when using harsh abrasives; they can scratch some surfaces.

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Everyone has their own preferences for how often they clean their shower or tub, but once a week will help keep mildew at bay (assuming your bathroom doesn’t get steamy very often). If you notice mildew.

There Are Many Types of Brushes to Consider

When cleaning your shower, you need a brush that is going to get the job done. But which one? There are many types of brushes out there to consider.

Most fiberglass showers need a stiff brush

You should clean your shower every time you use it, but you also need to deep clean your shower every once in a while with a good scrubbing. Mostly, bathroom showers are often made from fiberglass and plastic, which means they can be easily scratched and scuffed up. Make sure you use a stiff brush for this kind of shower since it will not cause damage to the material.

The shower tile needs a different brush

If you have ceramic or stone tile in your shower, you need to take extra care when choosing a brush. You want one that is not stiff so that it will not scratch or chip any of the tilings in your shower.

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A gentle brush prevents scratching and chipping

If you don’t want to buy multiple types of brushes for different parts of the shower, make sure you get one that is soft enough to use on all surfaces without doing damage. Look for something with non-abrasive bristles so that it doesn’t scratch by a hard-bristled brush. A soft-bristled brush is better for these materials.

You can always buy a long-handle brush.

If you have trouble reaching the floor of your shower, a long handle brush is a great option. You can find them at most stores that carry household products.


Basically, use a nylon bristle brush to clean your shower. This type of brush will get into the corners of your shower and easily remove stubborn build-up with ease. That said, always remember to be gentle when cleaning any surface so you don’t end up causing any damage to the wall paint or glass in the shower.

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